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It currently takes companies 9 months before they find out they have been hacked. Moving security to the application layer, BitSensor changed this to 50 milliseconds, blocking attacks in real-time.


GDPR compliance reporting

Being GDPR compliant means rebuilding many of your company’s processes and ideas. On top of this, rewriting code is often needed to be truly GDPR compliant. The way BitSensor embeds security in the application ensures GDPR compliancy on code level.

  • Data Requests
  • Breaches
  • Attackers

Realtime embrella Insights

Many organisations are moving toward a quicker release cycle for their development. Agile and Scrum are all the rage. However, one thing is staying behind; the pentest. When the development team says go and the security team says no, friction is created. Avoid developers circumventing the pentest by using BitSensor to enable companies to push product functionality when it’s ready, trusting ZIONSECURITY to keep an eye on your security.

Actionable detection alerts

Having many and diverse clients shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, they most often are when talking about security. When a hacker finds out about it they will try to find your security blind spots by spreading their attack over multiple clients. BitSensor ensures this doesn’t happen by making correlations over all your clients in realtime and pushing relevant and actionable alerts to you.

Profiling of attackers

BitSensors begins where other solutions stop. By not focusing on single events, but taking into account all relevant information the application provides and correlating it in real-time, we can detect hackers even before they made their first move. Hacker profiles bundle all attacks that are related to the same person, even when different logins, IP addresses, user agents, etc. have been used to disguise the hacker’s identity.

Suggested False Positives

BitSensor uses machine learning to continuously improve its algorithms. We look beyond signatures and regexes to the context of precisely how an attacker is targeting your system. This leads to accurate automated decisions and extremely efficient protection at scale. By leveraging on historical insights, false positives are drastically reduced, saving lots of valuable time of your SOC team.

Easy & Fast Integration

A few minutes. That is how long it takes to get BitSensor up and running in your application. Our plugin requires no configuration, making your application protected from the get-go. Our language integrations cover most of the code spectrum, and custom integrations are possible on demand.

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